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Screechers Wild is a Chinese-American animated series, produced by Alpha Group in coproduction with Man of Action and Wexworks Media. As of now, it consists of one season and one web series. It was first broadcasted in China on March 14, 2016, and on the United States on June 15, 2018.


The series is based on Alpha Group's toyline Opti-Morphs (机甲兽神之爆裂飞车, Jī jiǎ shòu shén zhī bàoliè fēichē, "Machine Beast Gods: Bursting Speed"), a spin-off of The Mechnimals (机甲兽神, Ji jiă shòu shén, "Machine Beast Gods"), released in 2010.

Screechers Wild was initially announced as an unnamed coproduction between the Alpha Group, Man of Action and Wexworks Media in June 2017. [1] In December 2017 it was finally announced that the new series would be named Screechers Wild! and will be based on Opti-Morphs, but featuring entirely new content.[2] However in June 2018 trailers showed up on YouTube which were featuring content of Opti-Morphs, while using the Screechers Wild brand name. It was stated that the new series would start on Screechers Wild's YouTube channel on June 15, 2018.

On February 12, 2018, Canadian toy company Spin Master filed a lawsuit against Alpha Group,[3]claiming it violated the patents related to its transforming toy IP Bakugan.

On January 14, 2019, the two companies settled the dispute, with Alpha agreeing not to sell more Screechers Wild products after January 31, 2019.[4]


Xander and his brother Ringo are Screecher Racers living and battling in the futuristic Zephyr City. They'll have to team up with their morphing car partners as they work to stop the snobby Ronan and his cronies from acquiring energy coins to take over the world!



Screechers Wild

The first season of Screechers Wild first aired in China in 2016 under the Opti-Morphs brand name. Two years later it started in western countries such as the United States as Screechers Wild.

Web series

Screechers Wild (web series)

The web series for Screechers Wild was created for western markets to tie into the new franchise and was streamed in 2018.


The Screecher Squad

Other Screecher Racers




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